I am a fourth-year graduate student in the Department of Linguistics at USC. My research is focused in syntax and phonology, with attention to their interface. I am primarily interested in the interaction of phonological constraints with syntactic structure, and the implementation of prosodic phonology in Optimality Theory. My most recent work has investigated the distribution of nasal vowels in French, its sensitivity to morphological structure, and exceptional allomorphy. Within syntax, my research has focused on the behavior of bare nominals and their implications for DP structure.

Currently, I also teach French as an Assistant Lecturer in the Department of French and Italian.

Papers, etc.:

2014. Unifying phonotactics and derived environment blocking through prosodic constraint indexation. In Supplemental Proceedings of Phonology 2013. [paper]

2013. Constraining exceptionality as prosody-morphology mismatch: a study of French nasal vowels. To appear in Proceedings of CLS 49. Chicago: Chicago Linguistic Society. [paper]

2012. Two Categories of Bare Nouns: Evidence from French. Paper presented at Going Romance 2012. KU Leuven, Belgium. [conference handout]


My CV is available here.